Portal Making

Community Art Night: Hosted by Linnea

Join us January 18th, from 7-9pm at Irene’s Pub for an evening of art making, lead by Art Therapist Linnea. PWYC, with a suggested contribution of 20$. Tickets can be purchased online, can be paid for in cash in person, or through e-transfer.

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Portal- a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and imposing one.

Do you want to be transferred into another time and space? One where you feel at ease, calm, and enlighten? Do you want to be free from all suffering? On January 18th attendees will be invited to create their own portal. A direct gate to where you need to be. 

A community portal will be available to co-create with other participants who wish to collaborate on an art piece together. Piece will be added to the art collection featured in the space. With hopes of selling the piece, and raising money for the local non-profit, Art for Mental Health, an advocacy organization which promotes healing with art and community. 

Supplies include at event: Pencil, paper, markers, crayons, pastels, mate surface to create your portal.

How to Make Your Own Portal

There are so many ways to make a portal, and what matters less is what it looks like. The process is key, it may help to reflect on where you want to go, and how you are going to get there. Think of qualities you have that will help you along the way, or people in your circle who will be there to support you.

The portal can be abstract, or literal with words, phrases and affirmations. It does not matter what the final product looks like, what matters most is how to makes you feel. You do not have to be an incredibly talented artist in order to make something beautiful, what matters if how you felt when making it, and how it makes you feel. Refrain from judging you piece, as there is no right or wrong way to make a portal. The process is meant to be playful, you are making something for yourself and your own well-being.

Things to Think About

If you could step into a different way of thinking, where would you go?

Are there any self-limited beliefs or ideas that you can’t seem to shake?

In what areas do you wish to see growth and empowerment?

What areas in your life seem like the most meaningful to you?

Who or what inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

At the backdrop of our event will be art from the In Light of Meaning art show, a collection of art made as a means of healing and seeing things with eyes open. In addition to the art work, QR codes will leave you to explore the art on a deeper level. It may be a poem, a guided meditation, or an origin story. 

Art, Healing and Community

We are all creative beings. Since birth, we are all connected by the universal quality of creativity. Art is the bridge that connects all cultures around the world. It shares stories through the universal language of images and emotions. We need art the same way we need oxygen. Start your 2023 off right with a gentle blend of community, creativity and connection.

We have likely spent the last three years being more isolated than we are accustom to. We’ve likely spent more time than usual staring at a screen, and connecting with people through superficial forms of media. Community events such as Portal Making give people a change to connect with others in a space that welcomes play and exploration. Join us to connect, to play, and to express yourself through one of the oldest forms of communication. No artistic skills are required.

If you are interested in learning more about Art Therapy, or other modalities of healing, I am around. Either catch me (Linnea) at the event, or reach out through email.

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