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Mindfulness based Art Therapy (MBAT)

All sessions are 60 minutes long, longer sessions are available by request only.

Below is a small sample of workshops or individual therapy sessions that are being offered. If you wish to explore other creative mediums or topics we are happy to accommodate. Sessions start at 120$ an hour. Sliding scale prices can be requested.

Breathing Maps
A simple activity that helps be with your breath by visualizing, embodying, and illustrating the grounding process that centres around breathing.

Introduction to MBAT
These sessions will include therapeutic art making with applied mindfulness.

Gratitude Build Up
Gratitude is one of the primary virtues of mindfulness. Practising gratitude daily is one of the most simple ways it improve one’s life satisfaction.

Mindful Movement
Get into your body with mindfulness. A bit of a mix of yoga, somatic therapy and breath work.

Personal/ Professional Development
These sessions give participants the opportunity to learn and apply skills and tools that can help with your professional or personal aspiration. These sessions can include a form of mindfulness if desired.

Mindfulness based Photography
Photography is a uncomplicated way of capturing a moment. Included mindfulness into a photography practice can help slow down an reflect on that captured moment.

Art Therapy

Art therapy can be helpful for for anyone who may be experiencing distress or discomfort in their lives. Art therapy adds the additional layer of art making to traditional talk therapy. Below are some examples of what sessions can include.

Intro to Art Therapy
Using art materials and guidance from an art therapist, these sessions can support you through

Art Therapy and Tarot
Like art, tarot cards can shine a light on the aspects of our subconscious that might not have been known. These sessions combine simple tarot spreads with art making.

Personal/ Professional Development
These sessions give participants the opportunity to learn and apply skills and tools that can help with your professional or personal aspiration.

Art of Self-Care
Everyone can use a little bit of self care these days. These sessions are carefully designed to regurgitate and tend to our unmet needs.

Abstract Expressionism
These sessions invite you to feel and express themselves just as they need to be. Participants are invited to get it all out! Make a mess or don’t. It is what you need to make of it.

Eco-Art Therapy
(Re) Connecting with nature is one of the greatest things we can do for our mental health. These sessions blend a deepening of relation between self, nature, and creative energy.

Death Doula Services

Grief Support
Supporting individuals or groups who are experiencing grief and loss.

Planning and making space to honour the dying.

Legacy Work
A process that involved guiding the dying into making meaningful creations to leave to their loved ones.

Support Bundle
Can include a mix and match of services provided. Packages are customized and co-created with you in mind. Grief can be experienced in waves and having access to support can be crucial in the healing process.

Child/ Youth Programs

Children and youth can greatly benefit from art therapy, as we may not have the words to express ourselves, we can always fall back on the art making. So much of being a human happens beyond words, creative expression can be a great addition to getting what is stuck inside of us out.

Art/ Craft Parties

Crafts Parties for children and youth gives younger folks the chance to experience to meaningfully connect with each other through creative play.

Individual Therapy

Art therapy might just be ideal for the younger people in your life. Working 1:1 with an art therapist can help sort and clarify the complicated emotions that may have surfaced in the last few years.

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Sessions/ Workshops can be booked through email, call or text.

Free 20 minute consultation available for all new clients.