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In Light of Meaning

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.” -C.G. Jung

Exploring my own identity as an art therapist/healer/artist with human responses and reflections of the turmoil and bliss of life. 

As an art therapist it is my job to help others heal. I enjoy the work, and find joy in making space for folks to express themselves in a non-judgmental space. I am also a human, with their own feelings, struggles and inner struggles. Being a therapist does not cancel the other out. It has helped me express my feelings, and label them but at the end of the day I still have feelings that I must face and manage regularly. In Light of Meaning is my healing art journey. Some of these pieces were made with my own art therapist, some were made alone. 

This collection has my insides on the outside, on display for folks to see. It involves being vulnerable, it puts my feelings out there on the internet. I am an artist and that is sometimes what we do. If you are one of my clients, and you are looking at these, thank you for your curiosity, and your continued trust in me.

Most of the artworks below are collages, prints are available in a few sizes, depending on the piece. Originals will be displayed in Ottawa in the near future. Artwork updated when I have time.

Leaf Your Body
Omni-Elemental Self-Portrait
Leaf Your Body
Learning to Breath Underwater
Fish out of Water
Who/What is your Goliath?
David’s Web
Is it Warm on Pluto?
May all Beings Have What They Need to be Happy
Where are You Happiest?
Spectacular View
Siesta Lake
Fostering Independence, Using my Voice
No Thanks
I Want to Do With You What Spring Does with the Cherry Trees.
Dear Andrea
Buy Nothing
Capitalism Kills
Life in Berlin
Keine Zukumft
Images Stolen from the Louvre
This is a Stick-Up
Is This Floating?
Effortless Climb
What Makes Your Soul Howl?
(You Don’t)
How To Catch a Ghost
Been Holdin’ You Up
Whales as Big as Trees / Trees as Big as Whales
Tree Whales
Power to The Snail Who Travels with Their Home
Take it With You
Babe and Birdos
Life in Berlin
Keine Zukumft
Images Stolen from the Louvre
This is a Stick-Up
Is This Floating?
Effortless Climb
A Part of You
Deep Dive
Shallow Waters
Call Me
Remember Me (Even When You Can’t)

More art prints for sale coming soon.