Eyes Open Studio

Mindfully occupying the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin/Anishinaabe People.

Welcome to Eyes Open Studio, located in the heart of Canada’s Capital. In-person sessions are being offered at 340 Gladstone. We will continue to offer virtual session for those who are still interested. We offer one-on-one art therapy and group workshops for children, youth and adults. Curious about our art therapy groups and drop-ins? Schedule a free consultation with Art therapist and Death Doula Linnea to learn more!

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the act of changing into a different form or appearance (especially a fantastic or grotesque one) I have notice that art has an ability to change things. I have seen it first hand in my own art, and in working with clients, that making art about our internal experiences can change how we feel about…


Wolves have long been a powerful symbol in North American imagery. These wild pack minded creatures may remind us to be social and to communicate our needs fearlessly. As someone who is mindful of the moon, and its cycles, the wolf reminds me to look out for the moon. I sometimes see the moon as…

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Respectfully. This piece is about establishing healthy boundaries with the strangers who approach you and make you feel uncomfortable. Next time a stranger in a tricorne hat, and white stockings approaches you with his walking stick and iPhone in hand and asked you to accompany him to his cousins gala, you can more confidently decline…

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“Be excellent to each another.” – Bill S. Preston, Esq.