Mindful Mondays

The bite-sized mindfulness based art workshop series.


Mindful Mondays is a thoughtfully designed workshop series which introduces topics and themes in easy to ingest 45 minute time chunks. Intended to be accessible to beginners and experts alike. Each workshops will give you a quick break within your day, and teach you tips and tricks on implementing mindfulness into your art, or art into your mindfulness. You will be guided through new methods of creatively grounding, checking in with yourself, and building compassion for your art, and more importantly, yourself.

This is not an art class. There are no assessments or critiques. You will be invited to find ease in the processes, and beauty in the final product.

Workshops will be hosted on zoom, with links sent out upon registration.

Check out the facebook event more more details.

Structure / Outline

The 45 minute workshops will include a check in, and an opportunity to connect with each other, share insights and proceedings. You will be introduced to a unique creative process, during which you will be given time and space to explore and experience the theme and concepts being discussed. We conclude each session with an opportunity to share your experiences during the process.

Topics and themes in the series include, an introduction to the basics, with information on how mindfulness can benefit our bodies, mind and art. We will learn about using our breath as our anchor, and staying in tune with ourselves as we make art. We learn about connecting with our body and exploring what that looks like and feels through art making. During the fourth week participants are encouraged to reflect on words that they live by, and encouraged to use them in the art making time allotted. For our second last week, we explore the 5 elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Space. As we find the sources of these energies within ourselves, folks will be invited to incorporate into their practice. The last session reviews what we’ve learned, and sets each participant up for success. As we wrap up our experiences together, we reflect on what has stuck, and what we hope to plant and sew for our future.

Registration is required for anyone who wishes to join. Although each week builds upon the next, there is no need to commit to the whole series. Participants are welcome to pick and choose which session(s) are right for them. 

If you have any questions please email me (myeyesareopenstudio@gmail.com)

You may also register by filling out this form.