Magnetic Poety & Art (Therapy)

I was recently gifted a magnetic poetry set, an assortment of 100+ words and letters adhered to magnets. I am now hooked. I love poetry, both reading and writing it. Beauty can be portrayed in the most simple of linguistic expressions. I love how poetry does not need to follow the traditional rules of syntax and grammar. I used magnetic poetry in both my self-care and in my art therapy practice. Magnetic poetry can be used in conjunction with visual arts, allowing for words to enhance the aesthetic of one’s art, adding modalities and expanding on the depth of the creation.

Here are a few reasons why including magnetic poetry into your creative self-care toolbox, or your art therapy practice.

1-Magnetic poetry is easy.

It’s so easy! Assuming you already have a set, the words are right in front of you. Similar to the pre-selected and cut images available in a collaging, having the words readily available can take away some of the creative energy required to write. Having limited words can also help contain and direct the writing process.

2-Magnetic poetry is playful.

Play can happen when given more flexibility in word placement. Moving the words around, experimenting with placement and formatting, can be easier compared to written or typed form. Like the simplistic beauty of an e.e. cummings poem, words can be presented in unique ways to compliment the imagery of the script.

3-Magnetic Poetry is accessible.

Depending on where you store them, magnetic poetry can be incredibly accessible. While making my morning tea I can spend a few moments rearranging the words, attempting to find a new combination that speaks to me. In those moments I am fully present on the words, and how they come uniquely come together.

4-Magnetic Poetry is calming.

Like all art-making, magnetic poetry can help calm us. Although the to-do list is always present in my life it’s great when moments are created where I can unintentionally disregard the world’s chaos. It is especially lovely when it’s as simple as swapping the positioning of the magnets on my dishwasher.

5-Magnetic Poetry is art.

Poetry is art, and for a visual artist like myself, it can help build a bridge between words and images. While waiting for my water to boil, I am able to reflect on the words that I am drawn to, as I read through the words I may wonder which ones are catching my attention, which ones are calling to me.

Magnetic poetry has been an excellent addition to my creative practice. It has helped in expanding my use of words within my visual are process. It gives me an opportunity to start my day with a little bit of fun. The set I have was gifted to me and was second-hand, but one can easily make their own using paper and adhesive magnets purchased for your local arts and crafts store.

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