Mindful Map Making

A time to pause and reflect on where you are, where you stand, where you’ve been and what’s to come.  Time to explore with our senses, notice yourself,  your material, the space and people around you. This workshop/ post is by Linnea, Ottawa’s friendly neighborhood art therapist and death doula. For more information on them,Continue reading “Mindful Map Making”

Self-Love under Capitalism

So you wanna love yourself more? Maybe you struggle with your inner critic? Or maybe those good habits you know you need have been lacking. Your to do list is collecting dust?  Self compassion can be a struggle, specially living in North America, a society that profiteers of our own dissatisfaction with ourselves. Social mediaContinue reading “Self-Love under Capitalism”

Holding Duality

As humans, we are complex creatures. On any given day we might experience a wide range of emotions, we may even experience contrasting or conflicting emotions all at once. Below is a guided meditation which can help you grow your capacity to hold the complex emotions you may feel on any given day. In thisContinue reading “Holding Duality”

Magnetic Poety & Art (Therapy)

I was recently gifted a magnetic poetry set, an assortment of 100+ words and letters adhered to magnets. I am now hooked. I love poetry, both reading and writing it. Beauty can be portrayed in the most simple of linguistic expressions. I love how poetry does not need to follow the traditional rules of syntaxContinue reading “Magnetic Poety & Art (Therapy)”

Coping with Covid?: The Exit Plan

Part 1 of A (hopefully short term) series on understanding the complexities of the “new normal” experience. During a burnout prevention workshop, I  became curious about the concept of making an exit plan.  What would my pandemic exit plan look like?  I was so completely unsure I even googled “exit plan” images to see whatContinue reading “Coping with Covid?: The Exit Plan”

Coping Through Art

Art is a perennial human experience. It has been around for centuries and connects nearly all humans across the globe. I  believe it is in our nature to create beautiful things. Art comes in many forms and can encompass any form of creative expression. For many folks, art is not a part of their coping strategiesContinue reading “Coping Through Art”

The Art of Play (for Grown-Ups)

This is a play piece, a piece I made during an abstract art class. It came into being through a combination of painting and printmaking using paint I had left over towards the end of class. While I was making it I was not thinking of the final product, I was more consumed by theContinue reading “The Art of Play (for Grown-Ups)”

Tarot and Art Therapy

Tarot have been around since the 14th century and have a rich history. They are used by people in cultures around the world for reasons unique to the individual. My use of tarot is to support my mental health by including a ritual which sparks insight, contemplation, and meaning making during times of uncertainty. TarotContinue reading “Tarot and Art Therapy”