Holding Duality

As humans, we are complex creatures. On any given day we might experience a wide range of emotions, we may even experience contrasting or conflicting emotions all at once. Below is a guided meditation which can help you grow your capacity to hold the complex emotions you may feel on any given day.

Fire and Water

In this guided meditation we will be exploring duality, as complex beings, we are fully able to hold the emotions we experience in a day. This guided meditation may help you process and contain these feelings. 

We will get started by getting yourself into a comfortable position. It may be seating on the ground, or sitting on a chain. However you sit, be sure that your back is straight, tucking in your chin slightly. Your heart is open. Take a deep breath in and invite clarity into your mind. Invite relaxation into your body. If you feel comfortable doing so, close your eyes, or if you prefer, softly look ahead of you. Know that the next few minutes are just for you. 

Give yourself a moment to check-in with yourself. How does your body feel today? What do you feel in your body? Where do you feel it?  In a moment, we will go over a few examples of opposing emotions. I am inviting you to reflect on these, you may feel these emotions in different parts of your body. Take your time to notice these feelings, be curious about them. Feel them as deeply as you need to. 

Happy and sad

Confident and Self-conscious

Forgiving yourself and Holding yourself accountable 

Trusting yourself and questioning your thoughts and beliefs

Healing and Suffering

Calmness and Excitement 

Masculine and Feminine 

Anger and Forgiveness 

Movement and Stillness

Growth and regression 

Like yin-yang, spaces can hold opposing sentiments. Humans have the capability of holding these, and many other complex collections of emotions. You are no exception, you too can feel these things completely and deeply. Notice them, feel them, and let them go, if they no longer serve you. 

Now, if you feel comfortable, I want you to envision a space where these two seemingly opposing forces can reside, where they can be held. What does this space look like? What does it feel like? How big is it? Does it have a colour or texture? Notice the details of this space. What does this space hold? Know that this space can be as big or as small as you need it to be. The space is yours. 

When you are ready you can get back into the shared space. Maybe you need to wiggle your toes, move your body a little bit, gently open up your eyes if they are not open. 

Lastly, if you feel comfortable doing so, you are welcome to create an artistic response to this meditation. There are no wrong answers or interpretations to this meditation. You may want to make the first thing that comes to mind, or spend some time reflecting on what comes to mind. Either way, know that whatever you make will be perfect. 

If you wish to share what you create feel free to send me an email or tag us on instagram/facebook. 

This meditation was part of the Mindful Mondays group. For more information check out our page or our group on facebook.

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