Mindful Map Making

A time to pause and reflect on where you are, where you stand, where you’ve been and what’s to come.  Time to explore with our senses, notice yourself,  your material, the space and people around you. This workshop/ post is by Linnea, Ottawa’s friendly neighborhood art therapist and death doula. For more information on them,Continue reading “Mindful Map Making”

Holding Duality

As humans, we are complex creatures. On any given day we might experience a wide range of emotions, we may even experience contrasting or conflicting emotions all at once. Below is a guided meditation which can help you grow your capacity to hold the complex emotions you may feel on any given day. In thisContinue reading “Holding Duality”

Breathing Maps

Breathing Maps were one of the first mindfulness-based art processes that I really sunk into. When I started practicing mindfulness I would often get discouraged or frustrated when my mind would wander. With only my breath as my anchor, I felt I continuously got swept away in thought. When I started introducing art-making into myContinue reading “Breathing Maps”