Tarot and Art Therapy

Tarot have been around since the 14th century and have a rich history. They are used by people in cultures around the world for reasons unique to the individual. My use of tarot is to support my mental health by including a ritual which sparks insight, contemplation, and meaning making during times of uncertainty. Tarot cards can help us reflect on the situation in our lives, cards can reinforce feelings that you may be feeling, or put into view feelings you may have been repressing. Although they are not for everyone or for every situation, I have developed my own intuition around when to use them and have been providing clarity on emotions and the situation at hand. 

Tarot cards are part of my self-care. When I am feeling anxious, performing a tarot ritual with myself calms me. Making intentional space, shuffling the cards, pausing to reflect on questions or concerns I have in my life. The cards can be affirming. They remind me of my resilience, my strength, the cards can remind me that life keeps going even in the face of adversity.  

Tarot cards can also spark a conversation with someone special, this may include a friend, a therapist, or even yourself. The same can be true for tarot inspiring works of art. In tarot, each can is rich with symbols, the cards tell a story, and connect us with archetypes, and universal lessons. Paring tarot and journaling or arts and crafts can help deepen the insight that tarot cards provide for us.

Eyes Open is currently offering art therapy and tarot sessions. These sessions have an open structure, and can be catered to suit the individual or groups needs and curiosities. Feel free to schedule a free consultation to see if tarot and art therapy are good match for you. If you want more information on Tarot, check out my favourite Tarot resource Biddy Tarot. <- You’ll find heaps of information on card meanings, classes and much more.

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