Compassion Portal

This piece is a portal. A portal to a time and place filled with self-love, compassion and complete acceptance. I invite you to reflect on these sentiments and make note of where you feel it in your body. Included below is a guided meditation to help facilitate the exploration of this concept.

gray candle lantern

I want you to imagine a moment of complete relaxation. As you breathe in, you become more and more relaxed. Calm and at peace. Take a moment to reflect on the the calm centre that is at your core, it radiates worth from within. Envision yourself at ease. Comfortable in this time and space. As you exhale, you release tensions and insecurities that may have lingered in your body. They have served their purpose, but now it is time to let them go. And in their absence, you make space for love.

The seed of love has been planted, and with each breath, it grows. Deeper and deeper. It gets into your bones. At this moment you love yourself entirely. What does that look like, where do you feel it? Does it expand beyond you? Can others feel it too? Does this self-love expand beyond yourself?

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Canadian Art Therapist and Death Doula. All services are currently offered online. Sharing my experiences with healing through art.

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