Cosmic Hum

The sound of the universe.

Included with this piece is a guided meditation which encourages one to make note of the sounds around them. I invite you to listen to the world around you, possibly in a way you have not heard before.

space dark pattern texture

Guided meditation – Listening to the world around you:

I will invite you to take a moment to listen. What do you hear? Do you hear your breath, maybe you hear your nose whistle as you inhale and exhale. Do you hear the sound of the room you are in, the chatter of other souls? The hum of the city? What do you hear before you label the sounds? Do you hear the sound of the moon? What do you hear? What are you looking to hear? Can you hear the echo of every sound ever made? 

Cosmic hum is a visual reminder to take a moment and listen. Listen to the sounds of the world around you, and listen to the sounds inside of you. Savour the sounds, and let each vibration move you.

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Canadian Art Therapist and Death Doula. All services are currently offered online. Sharing my experiences with healing through art.

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