Wolves have long been a powerful symbol in North American imagery. These wild pack minded creatures may remind us to be social and to communicate our needs fearlessly.

As someone who is mindful of the moon, and its cycles, the wolf reminds me to look out for the moon. I sometimes see the moon as a means of reconnecting with nature, and I am reminded of the cycles that exists.

I look at this image and wonder what I howl for. What sparks my creative fire? I wonder who is in my pack? Who am I actively keeping in my life? How do I keep the good folks around me? Who am I protecting?

I also see the butterflies. The delicate creatures who flap around and fly somewhat chaotically. A symbol of transitions and rebirth Some days I am the wolf, and some days I am the butterfly.

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Canadian Art Therapist and Death Doula. All services are currently offered online. Sharing my experiences with healing through art.

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