Explore the notion of holding space. Holding space is a concept used in healing practices which refers to a healers ability to create and contain a space which feels safe for opening up, and expressing one’s concerns. It requires a practitioner to be mindful of wise of the human they are working with. It requires the one being healed to be vulnerable.

What does it mean to hold space? Liminal space? A space for healing. A space for containment. A space where you wont felt judged A space where you will feel heard. Something about traditional healing practices. 

The art therapist can invite their client to use a myriad of modalities to help them heal. We hold space for you to be cared for. (Shocked at the lack of experience some folks have in being held). Being cared for can be so healing for those who may have lacked care at crucial times in their lives. In caring for someone, it might show them how to care for themselves.

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Canadian Art Therapist and Death Doula. All services are currently offered online. Sharing my experiences with healing through art.

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