May All Beings

In light of the catastrophic forest fires that were devastating the amazon rain forest, this piece acts as a visual prayer. May all beings have what they need to thrive. A simple request. The words are inspired by the Loving Kindness Meditation (also known as Metta).

conceptual sculpture with hands holding a heart

“May you be safe”

“May you be healthy”

“May you be happy”

“May you be free from suffering”

As the Amazon forest was burning, I felt powerless. Unable to solve the problem, unable to do anything about it. Yet, I had a strong urge to do something. I did what I could, and that meant making art. 

Although this visual prayer may not directly cure the world of all that ails it, it gave me peace of mind. The loving-kindness meditation has three parts, but variations are welcome. The first round sends loving-kindness to yourself. “May I be safe”. The second round, the energy is sent to another human. “May you be happy”. The final round is sent to all living-beings. “May all beings be free from suffering”. This simple meditation can be incorporated into a daily routine, and takes as little as 7 minutes each day.

The process for the piece was a tedious one. Each star dotted on the canvas was done intentionally. Although I may not be able to draw every star in the universe, I could capture a few. This painting glows in the dark, with each star radiating some light when left in the darkness.

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