-mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

photo of nimbus clouds

The inspiration for this piece came after losing my 9-5 job rather suddenly. Before being dismissed, I was under the false impression that being on a contract meant that my job was secure. The sudden lost of income came to me as quite a shock. As I received the news I was stricken with sadness, and financial anxiety. I let those feeling surface. I say with them. And in feeling those thoughts I was able to move through them, and see things in a new light. As I was saying goodbye to a forty hour work week, I was making space for new opportunities, and a huge opportunity for growth. 

When I was reacting to the initial shock of loosing my job, I was certainly not in a state of equanimity. After discussing the situation with some people who are close to me, the shock morphed. I went from worry to hopefulness. Unaware of what my future would hold, I suddenly had hope. I trusted that things would work out for me.

This piece was made using images that bring me feelings of calmness. The large blobs and squiggles of beautiful vistas and scenic images remind me of the tranquility that one can easily access by going outside. Where in the world do you feel calm? What brings you peace? How are you able to keep a level head during moments of conflict or stress?

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