A small animal who caries their home on their back. They move slowly, and deliberately. In a world that has us on the go-go-go, our friend the snail reminds us to go slow-slow-slow. I think to myself, in what areas in my life could I take more time in? Have I been rushing to get to the next stop, or am I taking my time, and savouring the in-between. The snail takes time to enjoy the journey, and is always prepared for what gets thrown at it.

I am often curious of the animals that surface in my art. I see them as messengers. There might be animals in our lives who characteristics we are drawn to, maybe they inspire us to connect to different facets of ourselves.

This unique snail sits upon a colourful leaf, atop a dark mate black mass. Surrounded by golden brightness. Although this piece is small, it packs a big punch.

Do you admire the snail?

Are you able to make note of the smaller things in life?

Can you take your time, or are you in a rush?

Do you have what you need to get to the next destination?

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Canadian Art Therapist and Death Doula. All services are currently offered online. Sharing my experiences with healing through art.

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